Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Eating Chicken or Choking on the Feathers.....

The life of an Escort is an uncertain one. 

There are terrific up's and terrible downs; and like a hustler once told me, "One day your eating chicken and then the next day your choking on the feathers". The key is to prepare yourself for those feathers.

I can't complain though because my journey has been a pretty good one, and on the days when it seems like I might be choking on feathers, there's always a client waiting to bring me some chicken, and for that I'm totally grateful.

But STILL, even on my richest days, the poorest ones can be right around the corner, and the worst thing in life is to not be prepared for the famine because you're too busy enjoying the feast. That's why I have my hands in a lot of different hustles and not just relying on one. 

With my 9-5 Job, my clients, and various online ventures I make $50 here, $200 there, which adds up every month and I'm grateful for that little bit.

They say that you should have at least ONE year worth of income in reserve just in case something happens and you can't work anymore, but in this economy it's close to damn near impossible to save $100 let alone a years worth of your salary, but it's got to be done. See most escorts don't have a Pension, 401 k, or Retirement to fall back on when it's time to stop hustling. If you don't have the cash in reserve, your ass is gonna be at the mercy of the Government and food stamp programs.

Its feast or famine out there y'all and I was looking on backpage and seeing well known escorts offering discounts and specials. But what can you do? How can you be mad at her? She's just like any other hustler out there just trying to make it, and making sure she's eating chicken and NOT choking on the feathers.


Friday, December 27, 2013

Escort Tip 101: Photo Deception...

Being the new girl, you will be tempted to do something that’s largely frowned upon in the escorting community, and that’s posting fake pictures in your ad. Don’t do it.

I know getting out here is scary and all, and you’ll be tempted to use some ones else’s photo. So before you go and wreck your reputation, I’m going to help you make the most of YOUR OWN photographs.

First things first – Your ad needs to be as honest as possible. If you are a big girl, use that as your niche like I do. Advertise yourself as a sensual BBW with curves in all the right places. I used to use the tagline:

“In a world of tiny fast cars, I am your luxury Sedan”

That shit drove men crazy. Even men who generally see petite girls fell in love with my catchy slogans and began booking me on a regular basis. I constantly brag about my curves and the fact that I have 42DD breast. Find your best feature and brag about it in your ads. If you have pretty feet, talk about how your red polished toes are suckable like candy. Accentuate the areas of your body that men might find most attractive and photograph it. If you have nice cleavage but don’t want to show your face, take a picture in a nice push-up bra with some pearls placed softly between each breast

If you need to remain anonymous, there are plenty of programs that can blur and hide faces, such as  and Photoshop.

Some of my best photos were taken by me with a tripod, digital camera, and a picture timer.

A reasonable digital camera can be purchased off You can probably find a good used or refurbished one for around $99-$150. I bought mine used back in 2005 for $140 (Cannon Powershot A630).

Having a camera and taking your own pictures can be your greatest asset because it costs you nothing and you can post new pictures regularly. when I escorted full time, I tried to take new pictures of myself once a month to reflect any changes in my weight or hairstyle.

Once you get a website established then you can post more explicit photos in a “Members ONLY” section where you can make more money.

But be honest with your potential clients and post YOUR OWN pictures and an honest but enticing ad. It’ll carry you to success for years to come.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Branding your Image as an Escort!

Fabulous NON Professional photos of my ALL TIME FAVORITE Escort.

 61 year old Letitcia of Brighton UK....she retired in 2008 with 35 years in the game!

(ALL hail the Queen of Sex Work)!

When building your brand name, one of the most important things to consider is IMAGE.

Your image conveyed through the photographs, video and audio on your website directly affects the type of client that you attract.

Before you buy outfits for a shoot, consider what the purpose of the photographs and video's are, as these are an Escort's #1 asset in her business.

You should look at other escort sites, but only for ideas (sometimes ideas of what NOT to do). And from just a little bit of research, I've found that most ladies have photos that look like everyone else’s. Their poses, lingerie and facial expressions are all the same. Do your best NOT to imitate that. Go for creating originality. I know, this seems a bit difficult, but I guarantee you can do it.

The CONCEPT that you work from should be original, creative, and sexy.

You should strive to be a trend setter in your work, not trend imitator.

In a good photo session, everything is important, you need:

  • Good lighting
  • Great location
  • Great photographer
  • Good hair
  • Good makeup
  • Good composition
  • Flattering outfits and lingerie
  • And you need: GOOD SHOES.
Be inventive, be risky, be whatever mood you feel in photos, but don’t crap out on the shoes.


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